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Como escribir un email informal en Ingles.


Hello Luna:

I am writing about my experience in the divine design of the house.

If you want to change your house because you need a change in your life, the only that you need is my experience in interior decorating of houses.

The first step is to change the color of the wall; you need a relaxing color in your walls.

This way you can change the color of your house anytime by changing the color of the details.

The curtains are very important in the decoration of the house, because they make it very cozy and protect us from the sun and cold.

Don’t worry about the fabrics; there is a great variety of colors and designs.


Remember: my name is Carolina Herrera, and I will be glad to help you in anything that you need.


See you soon, but if you have any question, please call me.

Redacción en ingles de mi mejor amigo nivel básico 2 escuela oficial de idiomas.

I have known Paola for as long as twenty five years.
I can remember that she is one of my best friends because  we grew up together. We lived in the same street in Bogota and we  went to all the same schools.

We always celebrate our birhdays together, because  she was born of twenty first of  june and I was born of twenty fifth of  june and we  always  make the party together.

I think we get on well because we know each other so well.

We have a lot of the same friends and we enjoy doing the same things . We both enjoy  films, for example  romantic and funny films, so we  wathc films together or we go out and  we have a good time.

We don’t live in the same town now, because  I live in spain since  twelve years ago  and she lives in Colombia  so we don’t see each other very often. But we keep in touch by email, we talk by phone with skype and always  that  I travel  to Bogota  the first person  I call is always  Paola.









Carne mechada para unas ricas arepitas

Puedes comprar carne vena o carne babilla cortada en 3 trozos le añades dos ajos grandes y sal al gusto y lo pones todo a guisar al fuego.
Una vez guisada la sacas y reservas un poco de caldo y los ajos enteros.
Ahora tenemos que mechar la carne, esta tiene que estar un poco tibia para que podamos sacar tiritas, lo puedes hacer con cuchillo y tenedor o con los dedos súper limpios.

luego sofreímos la  cebolla picadita a continuación le ponemos pimiento rojo y los ajos que se guisaron con la carne, hechamos la carne mechado y lo salteamos todo, le agregamos un poco de salsa de soja, una pizca de comino y por ultimo le agregamos tomate frito y un poco del caldo del guiso y sal al gusto.

Ya tenemos un rico relleno de carne mechada para unas ricas arepitas y a comer espero lo disfruten muchísimo.