Como pedir un desayuno en Inglés

Este valioso diálogo es entre la camarera de un café en el aeropuerto y un cliente, es básico para aprobar 1 de ingles de la escuela de idiomas oficial o si te vas de viaje podrias pedir un desayuno en cualquier lugar de habla inglesa.

We are in a coffee shop at the airport.

I am the waitress and he is the customer. It is 8:oo o’clock in the morning.

W: Good morning, would you like to have breakfast, sir? o can I help you. se pronucnia helpiou

C: Hello. Yes, of course! I would like to have breakfast.

W: Ok, we have two special breakfasts for you. The first breakfast is a first quality orange juice, spanish omelet with tomato or onion, bread and coffee.

The second breakfast is white bread with strawberry  jam and a glass of milk.

C: How much does the first breakfast cost ?

W: The first breakfast costs 21 euro because it is a special breakfast.

C: And the second breakfast, please ?

W: The second breakfast costs 10 euros. Which one do you prefer Sir ?

C: I prefer the first breakfast, please.

W: Do you prefer Spanish omelet with tomato or onion?

C: I prefer it with onion.

W: Do you prefer the coffee  small or large ?

C: I prefer it large.

W: Do you need milk ? ó would you like milk?

C: Yes please, and sugar, too.

W: Do you prefer white  or brown sugar?

C: I prefer white sugar thanks

W: Ok, no problem. Wait a minute please.

C: Excuse me waitress, can you bring me butter for the bread?

W: Here you are, do you like the special breakfast ?

C: Yes I do, everything was really delicious.

C: Can I have the bill, please?

W: The breakfast costs 21 euro.

C: Can I pay with credit card?

W: Yes of course, anything else?

C:  Yes, please. I need to know if there is a hairdresser in this airport ?

W: The hairdresser is between Zara and the post office.

C: What time is it?

W: It is half past nine.

C: Thanks you, it is very late, I must leave now!

W: Good bye!

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